The Myth of Normal book cover

As I have been travelling through the latest Gabor Maté book, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and healing in a Toxic Culture, I have definitely stumbled across some gold…

Throughout the book, Gabor Maté encourages us to take a look at how we perceive the world, others and most importantly ourselves.  Maté suggests that our personalities are an adaptation or a coping style that doesn’t necessarily reflect who we really are.  Our personalities have been shaped throughout our life in order to adapt, cope and survive by the people and environment around us.  He suggests that the personal work we need to do is reconnect to our true self and the essence of who we are at the core.

Here is a practice that can be found in the book that can start this important work.  I would encourage a monthly reflection on these 6 life-changing questions.  And notice what you notice,  as you sit down with these questions and notice your thinking and ultimately your behaviour shifts throughout the month.   

  1. What am I not saying “no” to in my life’s important areas?
  2. What do I miss out on due to my inability to assert myself?
  3. What bodily symptoms have I been overlooking?
  4. What is the hidden story behind my inability to say no?
  5. Where did I learn these stories?
  6. Where have I ignored the yes that wanted to be said?

Notice …. What You Notice.