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Over 20 years ago, I started meeting with a therapist after a critical incident working as a child protection worker.  The incident completely uprooted my sense of safety as I knew it!  I was desperate to feel like “myself” again and began talk therapy for the first time.  

After a year in talk therapy, I was still feeling stuck.  I felt like I was replaying the incident over and over in sessions, and the symptoms were getting worse.  Finally, hopeless with therapy, I attended a Mindfulness-Based Therapy Program for individuals who had experienced an acute traumatic event.  In the program, I learned how to pay attention to my thoughts, and through my breath and simple movements, I could soften the intrusive thoughts and start to feel better emotionally and physically.  

Fast forward to 15 years of talk therapy under my belt, I had experienced periods of peace and wellness, but I continued to find myself stuck in the loop of physical and emotional pain.  

In 2018, my osteopath suggested that I attend a Level 1 Qi Jong healing retreat with Sue Crites.  This practice was the game changer!  During the retreat, I was re-introduced to simple movement practices, to my breath and body that were reminiscent of my previous experience with Mindfulness-Based Therapy years back.

The light bulb went off …… I can do something myself to feel better and it is super simple and effective! 

Here are a couple of things that you can start doing to kick-start your own personal healing:

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